492nd Bomb Group (North Pickenham)

First Image Title Catalogue Reference Date(s)
Award citations and article MC 371/666, USF 14/1 1987-1988 View
Copies of letters and articles relating to the military service of Douglas N. Pleasant MC 376/412, USF 14/3 1936-1949 View
Copies of movement and special orders relating to the 492nd Bomb Group MC 376/228, USF 14/1 1944-1945 View
D-Day mission maps MC 371/674, USF 14/1 20th century View
Fabric uniform patches (reproduction) MC 371/844, USF Patches/1 nd [late 20th Century] View
Formation sheets and briefing check forms MC 371/661, USF 14/1 Jul 1944 View
General information MC 371/675, USF 14/4 1990 View
Insert from tape containing recorded memoir of Elmer W. Clarey MC 376/431/3, USF 23/1 c 1985-c 1995 View
List of aircraft salvaged by Field Engineering MC 371/660, USF 14/1 1945 View
Mission maps and crew photographs MC 371/679, USF 14/3 5 May 1944 View
Mission records and documents relating to Irving E. Koltun MC 376/231, USF 14/2 2 Jun 1944-22 Sep 1944 View
Movement orders and correspondence relating to the crew's aeroplane bail-out during a mission MC 371/662, USF 14/1 1943 View
Original assignment orders, movement orders (with crew lists), citation orders and personnel lists MC 371/685, USF 14/4 1943-1945 View
Original promotion order for Lee J. Woods MC 371/686, USF 14/4 18 Jul 1944 View
Personal flight record MC 371/681, USF 14/3 6 Sep 1943-30 Apr 1944 View
Photocopy of article by Brig. Gen. Leon W. Johnson, 'Don't Let the Veteran Down' MC 371/667, USF 14/2 1946 View
Photographs and documents relating to Ernest Gavitt and the Arnett crew MC 376/230, USF 14/1 1944-1983 View
Photographs and papers sent to Bill Robertie as editor of the 2nd Air Division Association's 'Journal': memoirs and stories from veterans MC 376/602/6, USF 21/15 1979-1982 View
Printed memorandum appealing for enlisted men to join the Reserves and officers to join the Officers' Reserve Corps MC 371/682, USF 14/4 24 Aug 1945 View
Recorded memoir of Elmer W. Clarey MC 371/882/13 nd [c 1985] View
Recorded memoir of Stanley Albert Seger MC 371/882/58 nd [c 1985] View
Records relating to an aircraft crash at St Cyr de Valorges: part one MC 371/664, USF 14/1 1944-1981 View
Records relating to an aircraft crash at St Cyr de Valorges: part two MC 371/665, USF 14/1 1969-1981 View