Training notes and memorabilia (MC 376/534, USF 11/9)
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Training notes and memorabilia


MC 376/534, USF 11/9

19 papers; 2 photographs


467th Bomb Group

Jack G. Thompson

Some records containing personal information not published. Training manuals not published for copyright reasons. Black marks obscuring some text appear in the original documents and have not been added during digitization.

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International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pennsylvania, handbooks and lesson reports for 'Principles of Refrigeration' and 'Elementary Principles of Electricity'; route map and itinerary for 'Operation Trolley'; pamphlet recruiting for members of the Regular Army; two photographs showing unidentified crew members at leisure on the airbase; card of introduction for access to Air Force Stations, 10 December 1945; individual pay record with immunization register, 10 June 1943-12 March 1944; motor vehicle operator's permits, 29 November 1943 and 6 September 1945; photographic identity card; card with addresses written on; immunization registers; 200th mission 'short snorter'; certificate of appreciation for war service; list of useful phrases in French, Dutch, German and Spanish; 2nd Air Division Memorial appeal leaflet, 1945, and laser copy of a portrait of Jack G. Thompson in uniform.