Publications (MC 371/624, USF 13/2)
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MC 371/624, USF 13/2

2 volumes


491st Bomb Group

Joe Flagler

Parts of this archival document (image(s) 37, 45 to 48, 52 to 54, 57 to 60, 62 to 64 and 69), as made available online, have been redacted / not published for rights issues. Enquiries regarding material not published online should be directed to the NRO in the first instance.

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1) 'Airborne Assault On Holland', in Army Air Forces Headquarters 'Wings at War Series', no. 4, Washington (1945). 2) 'Impact', vol. III, no. 7 (July 1945): a special edition for the Strategic Air Victory in Europe. This copy of 'Airborne Assault On Holland' was owned by Capt. Genther and is signed on the front by him.