Recorded memoir of Glen D. Thompson (MC 371/882/59)
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Recorded memoir of Glen D. Thompson


MC 371/882/59

1 audio cassette (Sony HF90)

nd [c 1985]

93rd Bomb Group

Glen D. Thompson

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[00:00-05:00] Introductory remarks: name and bomb group; entering service, Oklahoma; volunteering for cadet programme, September 1943; basic training, Amarillo and gunnery school, Harlingen, Texas, January-March 1944. Anecdotes about training. [05:00-10:00] Anecdotes continued: passing-out on empty oxygen bottles. Describes crew assignment, Omaha, Nebraska, June 1944 and joining crew, Casper, Wyoming: Robert E. Oberschmid (pilot); Armando A. Antonio (co-pilot); Gerald E. ? (navigator); Edward L. Faulhaber (bombardier); Eugene H. Clements (radio operator); Frederick M. Johnson (engineer); Nick Flueras (nose-gunner); James F. Duprey (waist-gunner) and Alan H. Sorenson (tail-turret gunner). Mentions: flying from Topeka, Kansas, via Goose Bay, Labrador [Canada] and Iceland to Wales for further training; assignment to 409th Squadron and training as lead crew for 329th Squadron, October 1944. Describes leave in London: the black-out; tenacity of English people and V-2 attack. Mission summary: first mission, Rostock, [Germany], 4 August 1944 to twenty-second mission, Harburg [Germany], 17 January 1945. [10:00-15:00] Summary continued: twenty-third mission, Brunswick, [Germany], 31 January 1945 to thirtieth mission, Kitzingen, [Germany], 22 March 1945. Comments on missions for which he received lead crew commendations including Hanau, Germany, 12 December 1944 and Harburg, 17 January 1945. Describes journey back to United States, including convoy trailed by German U-boat. Comments on memorable missions, 18 September 1944 to Holland (Netherlands) and Magdeburg, Germany, 3 March 1945, when German fighters did not fire on them. Brief anecdotes about flying including Fred Johnson's baseball hat shot off, flak damage and injuries, Eugene Clement giving identity signal when radio damaged and explains [? his] nickname, 'Diamond Jim.' Recorded on side A only.