Recorded conversation between Charles J. Bosshardt and Cecil Johnson, part 1 of 11 (side A of first cassette) (MC 371/396/1/1)
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Recorded conversation between Charles J. Bosshardt and Cecil Johnson, part 1 of 11 (side A of first cassette)


MC 371/396/1/1

1 side of audio cassette

Jul 1988

458th Bomb Group

Charles J. Bosshardt, Cecil Johnson

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[00.00-05.00] Introduction by CJ and remarks on meeting CB at Walla Walla, Washington, November 1944. Explains format of recordings: going through their notes together and comparing memories. CB mentions that, as a southerner, he only encountered his nickname 'Chuck' during service. CB describes training: enlisting in reserve corps, Atlanta Evening College; ?Branch Immaterial Training Centre Camp, Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas, including Army Air Corps tests; Miami Beach, Florida and Walla Walla. CJ describes training: taking Air Force tests, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. [05.00-10.00] CJ continued: basic training, Miami Beach, February 1943; position at ?Klimpson University; pre-flight, Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Alabama; primary flight, Jackson, Mississippi; basic flight, Greenville, Mississippi; advanced flight, St George Field, Illinois; B-24 flight, Chanute Field, Illinois; ?Sonora, California and meeting CB during crew training, Walla Walla. Discussion about importance of compatibilities in training: disagreement with first co-pilot; his replacement by Leo Hecht and sickness of navigator, leading to replacement by CB. CB's comments on training at Miami. [10.00-15.00] Description of classification at San Antonio [Texas], crew assignment and CB's crew held back by lack of gunners. [15.00-20.00] CB's training continued: his assignment to CJ's crew after meetings with CJ and Hecht. CJ's remarks on Hecht. [20.00-25.00] Remarks continued. Discussion about other crew members: DeVries and VanBibber. [25.00-30.00] Crew continued: Scott, Walker, Karl, Gann and MacArthur. Anecdotes about incident where crews failed in bail-out practice. [30.00-35.00] Anecdote continued. Description of train journey to Hamilton Field, San Francisco. [35.00-40.00] Description of train journey to Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, and anecdote about CJ obtaining Thanksgiving meal. [40.00-45.00] Description of first night in New York, mentioning CB saw the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Discussion about journey to Britain on ship, 'New Amsterdam' [45.00-50.00] Comments on treatment of black infantrymen on ship. For continuation recording, see MC 371/396/1/2.