Photographs and papers sent to Bill Robertie as editor of the 2nd Air Division Association's 'Journal': memoirs and stories from veterans (MC 376/602/6, USF 21/15)
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Photographs and papers sent to Bill Robertie as editor of the 2nd Air Division Association's 'Journal': memoirs and stories from veterans


MC 376/602/6, USF 21/15

70 papers; 19 photographs


2nd Air Division Association

Bill Robertie

Images 001, 016, 017, 033, 042, 044, 046, 047, 064, 065, 069, 071, 072, 074, 081, 086, 087, 101, 107, 109 contain redacted information.

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Short memoirs submitted to Bill Robertie by various individuals possible inclusion in the 'The Journal': 1) Bert Carlberg (44th Bomb Group) description of missions, bail-out and time in France with the Count de Tascher. 2) Vere A. McCarty (446th Bomb Group) 'Red' memories of a dog picked up by the 446th Bomb Group. 3) Letter from Hans-Henri Stapfer of Switzerland requesting help with his research into downed aircraft in Switzerland, 7 May 1982. 4) Joe Harris (492nd Bomb Group) description of missions, 17 January 1982. 5) John Hildebran (453rd Bomb Group) memories of 'flak leave' in Scotland. 6) Albert A. Kopp, memories of 'Pappy' Moore, with comments on changing attitudes of personnel in active combat in the 20th century, and long-term neurological consequences of a broken neck suffered during a mid-air collision, 24 March 1980. 7) M/Sgt Glen R. Matson (458th Bomb Group), 'The Draftsman Was a Paddlefoot', memories of local boy Chris Gotts and nose art for the B-24s 'Hookem Cow', 'Little Lambsy Divey', 'Ten Gun Dottie' and 'Wolfgang' painted by Harold Johnston (755th Bomb Squadron draftsman) and the crash of 'Hookem Cow' and appreciation for the 'Friends of the Eighth'. 8) M/Sgt Glen R. Matson, 'Jayhawkers Navigator', description of crew no. 13's bombing mission to Poznan, Poland, and time as Swedish internees. Focuses on Lt Needelman (navigator) with three photographs of the 'Jayhawker' and the C54 used to return internees from Sweden (3 photographs). 9) Letter sent by Henry F. Hoeckel Jun. enclosing news cuttings about the recovery of USAAF aircraft by the Dutch, 7 May 1981. 10) George A. Reynolds (458th Bomb Group) 'What a Day!', description of mission to target German anti-aircraft 'pillbox' installations near Metz, France, for which the crews involved were dubbed the 'Iron Men of Metz' by Col Vincent, 9 November 1944. 11) Extracts from Phillip G. Day, 'Saga of a Reluctant Co-pilot', including a description of a 'trucking' mission delivering supplies to ground forces in France, 11 September 1944-3 October 1944, and description of a first mission and equipment worn and carried. 12) Leo Pesonen (466th Bomb Group) memories of mission flown to France, 8 June 1944, and mission to Saarbrucken, Germany, 19 February 1980. 13) Leon O. Meyer's memories of a reunion visit to England and visit to the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial at Madingley, 22 May 1982. 14) Anonymous ground crew members' thoughts on the lack of recognition granted to ground crew and the award of the Purple Heart to a ground crew member, Berwanger, with a photograph showing his facial injuries, August 1982. 15) John Long, letter enclosing prisoner of war identification photographs of himself and a photograph of Billy Mitchell with his wife in the Diamond Horse bar, New York, also referring to Donald G. Westerbeke, 3 June 1979. 16) Francis J. Di Mola's letters relating to rediscovering old friends and enclosing photographs of 12 sketches of aircraft, with the names of missing crews, drawn by William J. Trudell, April 1983. 17) 'Busman's Holiday', memories of mission celebration parties at airbases and encouraging members' attendance at reunions to maintain friendships. 18) Lt Col George M. Epperson (A-2 Intelligence Section, 65th Fighter Wing) enclosing copies of teletypes announcing German surrender and order to stand down from active combat, 28 May 1982.