Photographs relating to the Bayford Hotel, Norwich (MC 371/702, USF PH 19/1)
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Photographs relating to the Bayford Hotel, Norwich


MC 371/702, USF PH 19/1

37 photographs


General documents relating to the activities of the 2nd Air Division/Wartime Norfolk/Hotel registers and related documents/Bayford Hotel

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Photographs (mostly uncaptioned) showing Mrs Bayford (and another female, possibly her daughter), of the Bayford Hotel, Norwich, and various American servicemen who had stayed there. Identified servicemen are: Forlon, taken 13 June 1943. He was killed shortly afterwards; Paul J. Blackmer, July 1945; Lawrence Hancock, 1943; Joseph Simishak; aircraft wreckage, with the name Lt Jack Dean on the reverse of the photograph.