Recorded memoir of Myron Keilman (MC 371/882/30)
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Recorded memoir of Myron Keilman


MC 371/882/30

1 audio cassette

nd [c 1985]

392nd Bomb Group

Myron Keilman

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[00:00-05:00] Comments on entering Army Air Corps and graduating with forestry degree, University of Montana, June 1940. Describes pilot training, from November 1940, and aeroplanes flown: primary, Oxnard, California, including acrobatic manoeuvres; basic, Randolph Field, San Antonio, Texas; advanced, Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas and graduating as 2nd Lieutenant, July 1941. Describes assignment flying ocean patrols in defence of Panama canal from bases in Guatemala and Ecuador. Comments on return to United States, January 1943, as instructor training combat crews in B-24s, and assignment to 392nd Bomb Group, as squadron operations officer, May 1943. Remarks on design of base, Alamogordo, New Mexico. [05:00-10:00] Comments on new B-24H models and journey to Wendling, Norfolk, arriving 15 August 1943. Mentions facilities at Wendling: buildings on base, countryside and bicycles. Comments on his role as squadron operations officer and having little time to see local area or meet English people. Describes trip to London: bomb devastation; drinking beer in a pub and the black-out. Anecdote about Lt Taylor buying hens to supply crew fresh eggs. Describes diversion missions: 6 September 1943 to French and Dutch coast; 4 October 1943 to Bremen and Emden, Germany, including attack on 392nd Bomb Group by large number of German fighters. [10:00-15:00] Fighter attack continued. Mentions becoming squadron commander, until September 1945, and his last mission, 23 March 1945, supporting allied troops crossing River Rhine. Summarizes memorable missions including: Norway; first 8th Air Force 1000 bomber attack on Germany; mission to Gotha, Germany, for which 392nd Bomb Group received Presidential Unit Citation, and D-Day. Lists stories he wrote for 2nd Air Division newsletter and journal, 1974-1989. Recorded on side A of cassette only.